The Alchemy collection takes its name from the idea that Nature, and sometimes the imperfectly-perfect work of human hands, can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. These textured fabrics have been skillfully designed and developed to follow 3 textural inspirations that reflect this idea: Furrow, Ripple, and Etched. An inherent metallic touch has been harnessed to create a dramatic drapery in certain plays of natural light. Etched showcases fabrics with a beaten metal-like appearance, and creative weaving that mimics rustic, organically developed engraving or cut marks. The select colour line presents iridescent neutrals, from pearl, to tungsten, and gold. Furrow reimagines the seed plantation trenches of agricultural fields in eye-catching fabric surface development. The 18 shades across a mineral-stone-metal palette romanticize ‘mud and moon’ connections in those fields. Rippletakes inspiration from gentle waves created in water by the winds, or objects in the water. The colour line, too, absorbs the variety of mesmerizing hues in different kinds of water bodies.