Essentials Forty Eight

Canvas, from our Essentials 48 range is inspired by – and so named – for how just simplicity can go such a long way. These upholstery fabrics are beautiful, but with an arresting, unpretentious quality defined by their dry-matte, stonewashed textural treatment. As a result, they exude modern sophistication and vintage intrigue appeal, a little rustic-rugged here, a little more refined there. Such moody depths are captured across a biophilia-inspired colourline of 46 options, across stone, mud, and metal; or sky, forest and sea. Masterful fabric construction offers a ribbed effect across surface topography, easy to love for its subtlety, especially in a colour-blocked space. Easy clean is a special technology of coating in the finishing process which makes the fabric stain resistant. Proven to be stain, soil and water resistant, these fabrics are long lasting and are engineered from the inside out to perform for the home.