Essentials Forty Seven Vol II

A collection of never-seen-before knitted velvet stripes. These are classic upholstery fabrics at their best, with an innovative twist that promises an enduring interior styling statement. These stripes are a special addition indeed, to the eclectic elegance of our already diverse Essentials range. Dark-light tonal yarns have been chosen for a magnetic, yet mindful sensory experience. As the eyes travel with them, hues of blue, beige, and biscotti spring to life, creating multidimensional appeal; while the finessed knitting of high quality velvet is pleasant to the touch.

This collection offers the ‘forever-essential’ stripe in a few popular, classic-contemporary forms. The Banker Stripe, Track Stripe, and Barcode Stripes offer the neatness and non-intrusive sophistication that best suits more formal spaces while the Cabana Stripe works well for the more relaxed and ‘breezy’ recreational areas. The Regency Stripe could be just the romantic-whimsy update for more personal spaces. As such, they are all perfect for any space that you feel could do with a surprise aesthetic change.