Essentials Forty Six

Translated from French as ‘loop’ or ‘curl,’ bouclé continues to soar in popularity because its particular weaving gives a cosy-comfy ‘wooly’ look, and a soft touch-feel experience that serves daily durability needs well. Essentials 46 presents classic textured bouclé with its rustic-chic simplicity. There is another finessed take on this classic, Loop -with a relatively tighter weave, compact fabric surface topography, and a rich sheen that would appeal to quietly opulent tastes. The third style is Boucle Herringbone, a mesmerising all-over herringbone pattern, blending contemporary drama and dreamy surrealism. The yarn has a softening effect on the herringbone’s typical angularity. This collection offers such nuanced bouclé styles in neutral, pastel, and pop-jewel colour palettes; making each one ideal as smart-casual upholstery fabric, especially on curvilinear furniture.