Seneca takes inspiration from the richness and ingenuity of Native American culture, and the depth of feeling that defines its communal ways of life. There are artistic interpretations of tribal stitching and embroidery techniques and Aztec temple-inspired details. Some modern abstract patterns draw upon cultural markings, which in turn have borrowed from ‘natural geometries’ for their design; as well as for ceremonial accessories used in skills training, or tribe rites of passage. Through a nuanced colour palette, Seneca also reimagines the old-world ways of the indigenous tribes to maintain an honourable, protective relationship with Nature. Just-as-they-are sandy neutrals make way for deep, almost decadent rust and ochre. These are offset by soft pastel hues of pink and lavender, or sage and pistachio green; as well as enigmatic teal or indigo blue. Cotton-viscose and jute-cotton blends, expertly developed textures, crisp embroideries and high quality digital printing makes Seneca suitable for tasteful and durable upholstery needs.